A Special Note to Innovators & Early Adopters

A Special Note to Innovators and Early Adopters

Where Adaptability & Agility Meet Sustainable Sucess

Whether you are an individual/couple, a professional advisor, a leader of a professional advisory firm, or lead an organization that provides goods and services to our diverse, growing, longer-lived After 50 population – the New Normal is in our faces.

It isn’t that the Old Normal (continuous change and the familiar tools we use for it) is going away. It isn’t. What’s really changing is that the New Normal (discontinuous change and the new tools we don’t know about or use) is already dominating all of the changes that affect us.If you are only good with continuous change tools it’s like lifting weights with only one arm. The future is going to require lifting with both arms on demand. It’s going to require us to become as skillful and adaptable with new tools for discontinuous change, as we are with familiar tools for continuous change. I think of it as Life-Ambidextrous.

My speeches, book, publications, and consulting are all focused on getting you ahead of the curve and adept with Life-Ambidextrous . If you are an Innovator or an Early Adopter, here is your chance to build a way to ensure your future, your adaptability, and your differentiation.