How Do I Get There From Here? Reviews

How Do I Get There From Here?

Planning For Retirement When The Old Rules No Longer Apply
“The essence of a rich life is knowing that you’re fully engaged in a journey that’s touched by love, learning, and open to the joy and adventure of the unexpected. George Schofield shows you just how to do that”

- Kerry Hannon, bestselling author of Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ and Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness

“George Schofield has written a superb life-planning and retirement-planning guide for people over 50. Once you finish reading the book, you will truly be able to determine how to become what Schofield calls the ‘executive director’ of your life after 50.”

- Richard Eisenberg, managing editor - Money and Security and PBS Next Avenue

“Many Americans are rethinking and reimagining the second half of life by continuing to learn, earn a paycheck, nurture their creativity, and stay engaged with their community. Of course making transitions is never easy and it’s harder than usual for those in the second half of life because many of the old rules don’t apply. Schofield offers a thoughtful and practical guide to help you on your journey.” – Chris Farrell, author of Unretirement

“My father retired at 49 and loved it. I am still working at almost 71 and I am happy to be doing so. That contrast is part of what drew me to Dr. George Schofield’s book. He clearly shows how massive – and important to understand – discontinuous change is in our lives today. The book is both a wonderful look at where we are and an important challenge to each of us “over 50” as we navigate the new normal in our lives.”

– Lou Heckler, Certified Speaking Professional

“Naturally, you want your Golden Years to shimmer like real gold. After all, you may have more Golden Years than you first thought, and “How Do I Get There from Here?” will enhance them. Right from the outset, it’s the whole-life advice that sets this retirement book apart from the others. Schofield doesn’t just focus on the financial; he encourages readers to look within and ask hard questions before making any kind of move.”

– Terri Schlichenmeyer, The Bookworm Sez