The New Normal

The New Normal

Developing Tools for Disruptive Change

We all struggle with the New Normal vs the Old Normal, but the reality is we are all living in the New Normal already. Just look around. What exactly is it? We live in a time of at least as much Disruptive Change as Continuous Change. There is no doubt that what was considered abnormal before may have since become commonplace.

▪ Living much longer
▪ Money may be protection but doesn’t guaranty a high quality of life
▪ Much-reduced desire to retire
▪ Longer lives and the additional financial burden of paying for them
▪ Genetically altered foods
▪ Later-in-life separations and divorces
▪ Shortened planning horizons
▪ Business and jobs arriving and disappearing
▪ Older adults outliving their money
▪ Questions about the value and place of a college education

One truth about the technologically-driven New Normal is this: it will be both fast paced and include more than simple opposites. The New Normal won’t necessarily be a smooth extension of our past, adjusted for age and updated intentions. Intentions are expectations that are too distant or uniformed to work well as a goal. Under the New Normal, each generation has the opportunity to learn from each of the others – from people both older and younger than they are. No single generation can know it all. As for those of us After 50, many of us are in danger of having stopped learning and adapting, a sure-fire indicator of major problems later in life.

Why use a Professional, Personal Consultant? The New Normal, as it will play out in your particular life, is one reason.