Personal Consulting

Sometimes it pays to have a professional in your corner. And now is that time more than ever, as we navigate our way through the New Normal of retirement, life planning, implementation and course correction. I work with you to design your handcrafted life - what you can leave behind, what to carry forward, and how to effectively adapt along the way.

George Schofield, Personal Consultant

Personal Consulting

Adaptable Incremental Planning for Life in The New Normal

How It Works

Our work together is a strategic investment in yourself and your future quality of life. It is custom tailored to your needs and goals. Before we begin a working session, your first half hour is free. You will leave every session with actionable steps & clear time frames. Choose follow up appointments only when you need greater clarity & guidance.

The New Normal

We all struggle with the New Normal but what exactly is it? We live in a time of disruptive and discontinuous change. After 50, many of us are in danger of having stopped learning and adapting, a sure-fire indicator of challenges later in life. Working with a personal consultant can help you navigate the New Normal so you can plan and adapt effectively.

Client Stories

I help people plan, act, and adapt their way through the surprises, traps, and opportunities the New Normal brings. My personal consulting clients are navigating everything from forced early retirement to starting a new business, updating job skills or finding new support networks - not to mention life changes like losing a spouse or deciding to re-locate. Read some of my personal consulting clients' stories and how we designed customized, adaptable plans together.