Clinging to outdated, Old Normal concepts of your future gets you nowhere. The New Normal calls for much more than money. Employment, education, health care, technologies, careers, finance, productivity, sustainability, and longevity are all being revolutionized. The changes ahead require an incremental approach to planning and action—NOW is the time to begin.

George Schofield Transformational Speaker


Engage and Inspire Your Audience with Essential Tools for Navigating the New Normal
Plan, create and lead your handcrafted life in the New Normal

Individuals and Couples

Navigating the New Normal
Find better ways to plan and live in the New Normal
Learn fresh tools and approaches
Develop new skills and expertise
Manage surprises and change
Discard what is no longer useful
Give your clients the tools to plan and lead successful lives in the New Normal

Advisors & Service Providers

Navigating the New Normal
Clearly understand clients’ emerging needs in the New Normal
Learn better ways to lead, support, and plan
Add new skills and expertise
Improve and refine your value added proposition
Anticipate and master surprises and change

What does the New Normal mean for your organization? How do we lead effectively and adapt in our world of unpredictable change

Company Leaders

Navigating the New Normal
Understand what the New Normal means for your clients & markets
Match your offerings with client’s emerging needs
Stimulate imagination, innovation, & possibilities
Build your Advisory and Professional Staff’s ability to deliver
Create your organization’s unique positioning