Handcrafted Life in A Modern World

an adaptable, incremental approach to planning
As an entrepreneur, consultant, author and public speaker I work with businesses and individuals to develop new and smarter approaches to life planning and retirement in the New Normal. I guide my clients in creating a handcrafted life in the modern world - designing their futures, identifying skills they’ll need, and preparing for inevitable twists and turns along the way.

How Do I Get There From Here?

Planning For Retirement When The Old Rules No Longer Apply
Not long ago everyone knew what the word “retirement” meant. Today, when living to 90 is common, savings are slim, people work longer, and the shelf life of knowledge is short, clinging to an outdated concept of retirement, work, planning, and quality of life gets you nowhere. What’s required is an incremental approach to planning—and now is the time to start. This book guides you toward a dynamic future…one that’s a great fit for you in the unpredictable New Normal.
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