Monthly Archives: May 2014

The pros of pro bono

I really liked the article Next Avenue’s Rich Eisenberg recently wrote about finding purpose and meaning from your work. (Purpose is very outcome oriented and public; meaning is more process oriented, and can be very private.) Apparently, these are very Boomer kinds of concepts, and they’re having a big impact in organizations, where a new generation of leaders understands how…

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Convincing Millennials to be Tortoises

One of the best things Boomer parents can do for their 20-something children—other than letting them live at home until they’re established enough to launch—is to encourage them to think long and hard about the kind of life they want when they’re 50. This might be a challenge for young adults whose concept of the future is measured in weeks…

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Rethinking geographic identity

 I keep thinking about a recent article in the New York Times about the problems seniors are having finding (or keeping) affordable housing. The problem is especially acute for those on fixed incomes in cities like New York, San Francisco and Boston, where housing costs are stratospheric. Even people who’ve held professional jobs for their entire careers, who have saved…

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