Monthly Archives: January 2015

Guest Blog: Why You Should Care About Your Digital Footprint

We’re all getting used to hearing about problems with data security. After the massive Target breach last year, when something similar happened to Home Depot this summer it didn’t seem all that surprising. What was surprising was the Sony cyberattack, a story that’s been making headlines for weeks. If a big corporation can’t keep hackers out of its email networks…

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Aging Can Mean Growing Older, Wiser and…Happier

The prevailing stereotype of aging is that getting old comes a cluster of obnoxious behaviors: crankiness, complaining, depression, irritability and overall negativity. The reality: With old age comes greater contentment. That’s the unexpected (and, frankly, delightful) findings of psychologist Timothy Salthouse, a professor at the University of Virginia, as well as several other prominent academics, whose research is nicely summarized…

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