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Lots of us will want to continue to work after 50, whether we’re retired or not, and for a variety of personal, professional and financial reasons. We may work part time for our old employer, take a full-time job with a new one, or become self-employed.

Entrepreneurs make up a special subset of the self-employed. They’re different from normal self-employment businesses, such as piano instruction or a dry cleaning operation, because entrepreneurs… Read More

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We need a new name for us

Because I’m a journalist in addition being a speaker and consultant, I subscribe to news feeds, blogs and notifications related to my area of expertise: the stage of life between 50 and 110. And I am shocked by what I am reading.

Today I received several articles purporting to spot trends for seniors. These included lingerie for the incontinent, bladder monitoring devices, tableware for people with dementia, Parkinson’s pens and a book about the history of liquor advertisements. . . Read More

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No more tears

The news of John Boehner’s announcement—that he’s stepping down as Speaker of the House of Representatives and resigning from Congress—is still reverberating a week later.

While most of the discussion about this move has focused on his successor, I’ve got a different take on the news. Mr. Boehner has launched himself into one of the most highly public career transitions possible. . . . Read More

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